Article 1 (Term Agreement)

1. The user will use this service following the rules of this agreement. The user may not use this service without agreeing to this agreement. The user is to have agreed to this agreement from the moment the user uses this service.

Article 2 (Collected Information of Easy Pose Mobile version)

1. We collect access rights to the gallery of the cell phone that the user uses when using this service. These rights are only used to save the screen image to the gallery of the cell phone when the users uses the app to capture the screen, and are not used for any other usage. The user may refuse the app request for access, but then the user will not be able to use the screen capture function in the app.

Article 3 (Usage of User Information by 3rd Parties)

1. This clause was created considering the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) of the EU which expands the definition of ‘personal information’ following EU regulations as of May 25, 2018.

2. There are cases when targeted advertisements using user information is delivered from a 3rd party company server in this service by 3rd party companies consigned by us. In the case when these 3rd party companies send advertisements using user information, automatically collected information are stored in the service of these 3rd party companies, and are managed following the personal information management policies of these 3rd party companies. Please refer to the below page for the personal information management policies of each company.




Article 4 (Authorization of Software Usage)

1. Related to the software provided by us related to this service(including software that will be newly provided in future version updates, hereinafter referred to as “this Software”), when using this service we shall allow nonexclusive usage on the condition that the users who download this Software shall following this agreement. In addition, the copyrights of this Software shall remain with us.

2. We do not provide any guarantees that this Software does not include practical or legal defects. (including but not limited to safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, appropriateness for a specific purpose, flaws related to security, error or bugs, violation of rights etc.)

3. Excluding cases when the user has received clear permission by us related to the usage of this Software, the user must not do the following restricted actions.

(1) Copying all or part of this Software.

(2) Modifying all or part of the functions, documents, or program source code that are included in this Software.

(3) Actions to disassemble or decompile all or part of this Software. In addition, actions that attempt to decipher all or part of this Software.

(4) Actions to transfer, lend, or authorize usage of this Software to a 3rd party.

(5) Actions to use this Software for the purpose of promotion, commercial business, or solicitation.

4. There are instances when this Software undergoes a version update. This agreement shall also be applicable to the updated version of this Software. Version update announcement are not made individually to users.

5. The copyrights of the output(illustrations, cartoons, animations etc.) created using this Software remain with the user, and the user has the right to use the output for their own purposes.

Article 5 (Refunds)

1. In the case a user requests a refund after purchasing this Software, refunds will only be made limited to the following circumstances.

(1) The case when there is an error in this Software or the additional contents of the premium shop.

(2) The case when the platform company that distributes this software such as Google, Apple, Steam etc., acknowledge the need for a refund.

Article 6 (Changes to the Agreement)

1. This agreement may be modified at any time without prior notification to the user in cases when we judge it to be necessary. After modification, this agreement becomes effective from the time that it is posted in an appropriate location on the website operated by us. As we do not contact users individually on these modifications, please refer frequently to the latest version of this agreement when using this service.

Article 7 (User Enquiries)

1. If you have any questions on this agreement, please contact us below.

Manager : Park Ki Young

Established May 7, 2018

Last revision May 25, 2018

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