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I am Park Ki Young from Mad cat Games.

we develop and services Easy Poser which is posing app for artists.

We apologize to MikuMikuDance (MMD) officials, creators and MMD fans for the disappointment.

We noticed that some of the modeling resources that available only to MMD were tampered with and used as content in the EasyPoser.

It is our mistake. I apologize to you all.

The incident process is as follows.

1. In February 2018, we've noticed MMD art style while we were researching the art style for our app.

2. We thought that the MMD resource was an open source license, and that's why we applied to the Easy Poser. (Some have been obtained for free, some have been purchased at Deviant Art Shop)

3. However, we were not aware that the MMD resource is a "license to use MMD content only."

4. And until recently, MMD resources were being included in our app.

5. We've noticed the seriousness of the situation after receiving a report from MMD users on August 20th.

Our response to this case is as follows.

1. Within a month, we will discard all MMD-related resources included in the Easy Poser and replace it with our own modeling resources.

2. We intend to strengthen copyright education in our team to prevent this from happening in the future and pay attention to contents production.

3. We will post this apology to the official Twitter, Facebook, and blog.

4. we will contact the creators who created the modeling and apologize individually.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience to the MMD officials, creators, and fans who love MMD due to the license violation of Easy Poser.

Mad Cat Games CEO Park Ki-young and all the employees raised.

If you have any questions, please contact us. madcat.ceo@gmail.com

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