Join EasyPoser's art contest! Win Google, Apple Appstore's gift card, and paid items prize. Deadline is 4/25, 06:00 AM (GMT)! please visit website and image to see more information. we will announce winner on our official SNS page.

1. Please follow steps below.

1) draw or paint your art with using EasyPoser.

2) Attach #EasyPoser tag and upload your art and EasyPoser screenshot used on SNS page. (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

3) Follow EasyPoser's official SNS, and send us the link that your art is posted with message.

2. We will offer the prize to the winner.

1) 1st. 1 person : gift card (200US$) + 3 EasyPoser paid items.

2) 2nd. 3 person : gift card (50US$) + 3 EasyPoser paid items.

3) 3rd. 10 person : 3 EasyPoser paid items.

3. winner's art can be utilized as a promotional image for the promotion of Easyposer.

4. SNS page that have been posted to promote the art competition can be retweet or shared.

5. The copyright of the art belongs to the artist who create it, and Madcat Games owns the license of use.

If you have any questions about EasyPoser, please contact us by e-mail.

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